Monday, January 30, 2012

Where is my baby?

I've been doing this mothering thing for almost seven years now. I have loved every single part of it. Some times more than others of course, but nonetheless, it has been the most rewarding thing I have ever done. My two girls brighten my world up in places I never knew needed it. Kids are amazing like that though.

The hardest part about parenting though for me so far? Them growing up. Really. It pulls at my heartstrings like no other. There are moments and events in the lives of our children where it seems like the world is screaming at you saying "Hey you! Your child is growing up!" Its always such a bittersweet moment too. Where you're so insanely proud of them you could scream, but it just pulls at your heart a little bit as well because, you know. They're just growing so fast.

My oldest is 6, and really...I don't think it gets much better than her at her age. She is great at school, smart, funny, caring, kind...really. She's just amazing. Many people around us know that she is my hair girl. She has such beautiful, long brown hair. I've gotten that her hair cut MAYBE...twice? I just love it. I braid it a million different ways. Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration...but I do braid it A lot. All different kinds of braids, going different directions, all the time. Her hair is artwork! Okay...exaggerating again...but I have made it a hobby to find new ways to do her hair and I have a lot of fun doing it. 

The time came though. 

She needed a trim. 

I of course, ONLY wanted her to get a trim. But, the world threw it in my face again. She's growing up. She wanted her hair cut short. 

This is her getting her very first haircut when she was three. love her now, don't you. Because she's just so cute!!

I of course, want her to have the hair she wants. I didn't want her to chop it off toooo short, so we compromised and cut it to just below her shoulders.

This is the result:

 Now, look at the top picture, then look at this picture. You're crying now too, right? 

It obviously makes her so big:( And while yes, I will always get small tugs when I realize that she won't be little forever...I always get such pride looking at her. The way she oozed confidence as she walked out of the hair salon. So secure and happy in her little 6 year old world. I hope she always has that confidence! 

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  1. It is so amazing (and scary) how fast they grow up. It always freaks me out when they come up with these sudden, strong, opinions. My boys definitely have them now.
    The haircut is precious. I can't wait to see the braids you create with that length - they will be artwork too!