Monday, March 24, 2014


What a whirlwind few months its been! 

Its now already almost April and we've been homeschooling for almost 3 months now. We're definitely loving it. All of the plans I had...well, most of them are just out the window. I think any homeschooling pro would say that happens a lot! 

I think the thing I've learned most is that I can school around my home. I don't have to work my home around school. Hopefully that makes sense...? 

School really doesn't take that long. Most families that I know have school for about 4 hours a day tops. Noone says that has to be at certain times though. Sometimes we're up bright and early, but sometimes its late when we get started. It all started when I began having horrible morning sickness. I just couldn't physically get out of bed most morning...and my girls like to sleep in anyways, so why not make everyone happy? So we did. We would start later, but mommy wasn't having to run to the bathroom mid sentence and the girls were well rested, so I think it was win for everyone! 

I've really just decided to take these few months to deschool. Its for Anistyn and for myself as well. We've been doing our Story of the World for history as well as math, reading, and some science. But most of the things we do end up just coming offline or through unit studies. 

I just didn't want to spend a whole lot of money on full curriculum sets when were already halfway through the school year. Some families school year round or take breaks at different parts of the year...but I still want summers off. We'll be getting ready for the baby and will have plenty to do. 

I'll definitely buy more things for 4th grade, but as for right now, its really working out well for all of us. We've found an amazing group of homeschoolers in our area so we're having a lot of fun with them. We just had a St. Patrick's Day Party and we had a Valentine's Party before that. Anistyn is meeting friends (along with Britton who insists they are HER friends!) and I have really clicked with the moms. Its so great to be able to get advice as well as just have some adult conversation with other moms! 

We also found out some exciting news...we're going to have a little BOY! 

We couldn't be happier! We found out a couple weeks ago and I just can't believe there is a little man growing inside of me right now. I would have of course loved another girl, but having a boy is already so different! I'm due August 21st, so now to just get through this summer heat!