Monday, January 9, 2012

6 month check up

Today was Britton's 6 month check up. If you didn't know, at Britton's 4 month check up, her doctor referred us to a physical therapist about her neck. Britton has a hard time turning her neck to the right. If you dangle a toy in front of her, she'll look at it. Dangle it to her left and she'll crane her neck to see it. But dangle it to her right, and try as she might, she just has trouble looking that way. So, we've been going to the physical therapist once a week. Her physical therapist's name is Charlotte and she doesn't all kinds of exercises with her and also gave us tips on exercises to do at home with her as well.

In the beginning, I of course, racked my brain for what could have caused this. The condition is called torticollis, which basically means that her head is tipped one one, with her chin pointed the other way. It can be caused from many things. I have a very small frame, so its possible that her being tightly squeezed in my tummy could have had something to do with it. Also, when I was 37 weeks pregnant, Britton was breach, so we had to do a version. Basically, they oiled up my belly and flipped her. No matter how questions I ask though, there's no way to actually know a cause. 

Britton's physical therapist has told us in the last few weeks that the torticollis seems to be getting worse. She's been getting tenser in her neck, as well as her hips too. So we went into her 6 month check up knowing that we would have a lot to talk to her doctor about.

We first did the routine things with Britton. Weighing her, measuring her, and all that good stuff. Then we talked about our concerns with the torticollis. The doctor did a great thorough check up on her and didn't really see any problem with her hips, but was concerned with her neck. Its not something to where you can say "This is what it is and this is how we fix it." Since obviously the therapy alone isn't working, we have to seek out other options, as well as ruling out different things that could be causing it.

Her doctor referred us to three different doctors. The first being an eye doctor. She wanted to see if there is a problem with her eyesight that could be causing to her to have lean to the left to see better. It makes a lot of sense that if she couldn't see well, she would lean to whichever side helps her see better. They just so happened to have an appointment today as well, so we went ahead and went to see the eye doctor. They had to dilate her eyes which she was NOT a fan of. The doctor did say that he didn't think it was her eyes, as they seemed perfectly healthy. He does want to see her in two months though, just to make sure since her eyes are still developing.

The other referral is for osteopathic manipulative medicine. This is basically like a chiropractor. 

The last referral is to a general surgeon who will make sure its nothing that needs to be repaired surgically. Yeah...I kinda freaked out at that one.
I had my small melt down, but I am so grateful to her doctor for being so very attentive to Britton and our concerns. She wants us to take Britton to all of these appointments, then come see her next month to regroup and see where we need to from there. 

I get in this mode when it comes to my girls, that I think most mothers can identify with. With my girls...I fix things. I turn on lights so they're not scared. I explain homework so they're not confused. I bathe them so they're not dirty. I feed them so they're not hungry. I play with them so they're not lonely. I CARE for them. I fix things. That's my job. That mama bear? That's me.
I have this saying...mess with me all you want, but if you mess with my husband and kids, THATS when we have problem. 

So I was upset over this for a moment, but then...I just get in that mode. My "fixing" mode. No, I will not fix her myself. I will, however, go to every appointment and will exhaust every resource I have available so that Britton is taken care of. This case is no different.

I also have to say...that being a military wife, I run across what I call "military complainers". They're the wives who just...complain about the military non stop. You know...while the military is providing them a way to stay at home with their children? That's a different blog for a different day though. My point is...I'm so thankful for the military. Their insurance is amazing and without it, I don't know what we do with all of these extra appointments for Britton. I know so many people who have many problems with insurance, and I'm so grateful for mine.

I hope you will all say a prayer for Britton.

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  1. Remember, Freeman's just have big heads. We will just blame it on genes and be sure that she is going to grow into it. In the meantime, we will just have make sure she gets some really strong neck muscles! Love you!