Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Where oh where have I been? Things were a little busy for us over the holiday, but filled with a lot of fun!

On Friday, we got to celebrate....my husband! For anyone who doesn't know my husband...oh where could I possibly begin? He is the most hardworking, respectable person that I know. He prides himself on being a family man and a soldier. I try as much as I possibly can to acknowledge everything that he does for our family, because really...he is our rock. 

But on Friday...he was acknowledged for his hard work in the Army. He was promoted to Sergeant! 

I had a job during the ceremony. My job was to go up to Josh when they announced his name. I had to take off his hat, take the rank off his hat and replace it with the new sergeant's rank. It had little pins to tack it into place. Then I had to place his hat back on his head. Then take the old rank off the front of his jacket, throw it to the side, place the new one it (its velcro) and punch it on. Easy peasy right? Not for this chick!

Now, this winter has not been...winter. Its January and has still been in the 60's. But not this morning of course! It was in the 30's...and the promotion ceremony was held outside. So needless to say, we were freezing. So, as I walked up to do my duty, I was super nervous. I grabbed Josh's hat and...my hands were frozen. I tried to pin the new rank on it and dropped the hat. I then took FOREVER to pin his hat together. Really. Long. Time. My fingers were just ice cold and refused to work. Go me! It didn't end there though. 

At the end, all of the soldiers who got promoted had about a minute to say something. So when it came to Josh he said "I would like to thank my family, especially my wife, for pinning my rank on upside down."

Yes, that's right. While I was busy with his hat, I paid NO attention to the fact that I was pinning it on upside down! He said it very jokingly, and everyone got a kick out of it though. I'm pretty good at laughing at myself anyways of course!

Here's my incredibly little family with our soldier! We're so proud of him!

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  1. Sorry I am late getting around to saying this, but I am soooo glad we got to be there. It was such a great moment to see him being honored! (even if it was freezing!)