Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Backpacks on the Ground

I have a confession to make.

Hi, I'm Tara...and I'm a reality show junkie.
I watch different shows, but the majority of them are reality. There's something about grown people arguing with each other that just cracks me up. I think its because I have no drama whatsoever in my life, so its funny to watch grown adults go through soooo much drama. 

My husband always teases me for it, but I'll often catch him watching some and saying "Wow...I can't believe that girl did that!" or something to that effect. Hilarious.
One of the shows I watch are Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. A bunch of housewives that get together and argue. All. The. Time. 

Recently though, one of the housewives said something that really stuck with me. Her name is Lisa and she's an older woman with two grown children. She was talking to one of the younger moms about how fast time goes when you're children are little.
She said "I remember when my son Max was in school. Everyday he would come home and drop his backpack right beside the pool. He would always forget to bring it inside, and never put it in his bedroom. It used to drive me absolutely crazy. Everyday I would say 'Max, go get your backpack and bring it inside! Stop leaving it by the pool!'  Only, now that he's grown, that backpack is never by the pool. Sometimes, I'll sit out there and look for that backpack. I miss it. What I would give to look out there and see it laying there again."

There are so many days when I wake up, look around my house and think "Another mess? Here we go again." No matter how well I clean the day before, a new day brings a new mess. More dishes to put away. More laundry to fold. More toys to put away. I constantly am looking for new ways to keep this house in order.

But you know what? I really don't mind it. Yes, my house could be cleaner. I could spend hours upon hours making sure every piece of clothing is put away and everything is in order. Those toys mean my kids are having fun. Those dishes mean that I have made their tummys happy and full. That laundry means that they have played well. 
I know housework can be tedious. It can leave you in a frump and feeling like you're doing the same thing every. single. day. Feel good about that though. It means you're children are thriving and YOU are the one that is providing them with everything they need to be happy, healthy children. day you'll look out your window...and you'll miss that backpack on the ground.

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