Thursday, October 10, 2013

The World of Homeschooling

Did you ever get into a new hobby or interest and discover that there is a whole new world full of information about a topic that you never knew about?

Like if you've never been into fitness and then decide one want to look into the best way to get fit. So you look into it and discover a world of diets plans, work out routines, and a whole list of things you never knew existed?

That's what I discovered when I decided to look into homeschooling.

I cannot  tell you the amount of time I have spent this week researching just about everything there is to research about homeschooling.

Did you know there are types of homeschooling methods? Yeah...I sure didn't.

It seems overwhelming at first. There's classical homeschooling, unschooling, the Charlotte Mason method, eclectic, unit studies...phew!

They all offer different methods and strategies to your approach on homeschooling. It really made a newbie like me really have to dive in and ask myself some serious questions I didn't even think about. At first, it was just a decision. I am going to homeschool. Pretty simple.

Now, I was asking myself...HOW do I want to homeschool? What point am I trying to get across to my daughter, not just about a subject, but on learning as a whole?

As I read through each method, I was thoroughly intrigued by each and every one of them. They all have such great and valuable points. I can understand why someone would teach under ANY of those methods. I like them all so much that I have put myself under the 'eclectic' group. Eclectic homeschooling is when you pretty much mix and match the different methods. I dig it.

I really had to think about what was best for Anistyn. She's been in public school ever since she's started. She's used to structure. She's used to schedule. She's used to textbooks and tests and quizzes and all of that. And...she's done extremely well in that environment.

So, does that mean I want to confine her to a chair and throw textbook after textbook at her? Not at all. But I also don't want to throw out everything that she has known the past few years and try to restructure her learning process all at once.

I do think that the core subjects are important. I also think (and have researched. Don't forget the research!) that homeschooling opens up doors to learning in ways that I never thought of! Learning should be fun, exciting, and intriguing!

I learned that on top of all of her core subjects...there's a whole world out there that I get to help her discover! How exciting and nerve wracking!

I have decided that the best way to go with Anistyn, is to start off with a schedule. Oh, its good for me believe. In the morning, we can cover all of her core subjects. Science, Math, Social Studies, Language Arts, Reading, etc. (time permitting of course.) Then, in the afternoon it frees us up for extra learning. The fun part? She can learn about whatever she wants! If she wants to learn about starfish...we can get into that. If she wants to learn about how clothes are made...we will! The options are limitless and exciting.

I never knew how much I would learn just by looking into homeschooling. Its not just a choice. Its a lifestyle change for our whole family. Its one that we're all on board with and I'm so incredibly blessed to have the support of my amazing husband who has dubbed himself  'The Principal.' Fitting, ha!

No matter what method someone uses to teach their child, in every forum or blog or discussion I have read about styles of homeschooling, there is one common denominator. The children. They are the core of it all. You get to decide what works best for YOUR child. Whether its unschooling, or long as your child is happy, learning, and thriving...then its the right method for them.

I am so excited to learn more and to share with anyone willing to read. I can't wait to get started, but know I have more steps to take before we finally take the plunge!

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